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Welcome to L2Perseus

...::::::::::: SERVER INFORMATIONS :::::::::::...

Download the new env file who don't like the hero color.
You can take it from HERE
Copy it in your System folder and replace the old one.


Server opened. Download the patch from
or go to downloads and take it. The website is not fully finished but i will work on it.


Delay We gonna delay the opening date with 1 more day.
Sorry for this but we really want that everything to be ready when the server will be started.
Today we will re-check everything and tomorrow at 20:00 the server will be opened.

Thank you and sorry for any incovenience once again.


Good news The server is going to be online on 1st February.
The hour of opening will be announced in the next days.
The server is underconstruction.
Stay in touch with us.
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